The Avengers Chronology Project
The Avengers Chronology Project
The Avengers Chronology Project

Avengers Chronology Project and Marvel Universe's Continuity Resource

The Avengers Chronology Project is an attempt to list every Avengers chronological appearance in issues and tales from the origins to the "Secret Invasion". In the Project are included all Avengers appearances as team and any correlate issue prominent for their continuity. Moreover, the Project included several books where individual Avengers are together (i.e. team-up or crossover) and, in some cases, books with individual Avengers appearances or non-Avengers appearances since they are important to the continuity (i.e. Invaders tales, flashback sequence, first appearances). After all, in the final version, the Project will contain every book related with the Avengers as a team, and every book prominent for individual Avengers. Chronologies and placements are still in "WORK IN PROGRESS"


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